Lab Master RA - Biochemistry analyzers

Lab Master RA

DESCRIPTION OF Lab Master RA - Biochemistry analyzers


Assay Model: Random access with direct reading system

Method: End point, Kinetic, Fixed time, Immunoturbimetric, 1­2 reagent, Multistandard, reagent/ serum blank, etc.

Assay Item: 36 assay ISE module (Na+ K+ Cl/Li+) available on request


1 Reagent- 220 tests/h (max)

2 Reagent -160 test/h (max)

With ISE - +100 tests/h

Sample position: 50 Including standard, control andstat; either serum cup or primary tube available

Sample Volume: 1­100ul,0.1ul/Step

Reagent position: 36

Reagent Volume: R1:1­400ul,/Step, R2:1­400ul/Step

Reagent/Sample: With liquid level sensor, collision sensor, teflon coating and automatic washing station

Reaction time: 0­999 seconds

Cuvette: High quality uv- ­transmitted plastic cuvette. Quarz glass cuvettes on request

Cuvette washing: 5 channels

Probe and Mixer washing: Independent washing station for each sample/ reagent probe and mixer

Alarm: Automatic alarm for malfunction (eg: collision reagent/ sample insufficiency, full waste container, etc.)

Calibration: Linear, Non­-Linear, Multi standard, Kfactor

Sample Dilution/Retest: Sample can be diluted an retested if results are out of range or sample is insufficient. Also with calibrator auto diluting function.

Wavelenght: 340­800nm

Light source: Halogen Lamp

Absorbance Resolution: 0.0001A

Absorbance Accurary: +/­- 0.0003Ah (0­2,5A)

Repeatability: (CV%) <2%

Quality Control: Levy Jennings quality control program at 3 levels

Bar code: Optional

Printer: Multiple report formats available

Test control  function: New card control system available on request

Language: English, French, Spanish, Russian, etc.

System: Windows XP or Vista; Windows7

Power supply: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz (optional)

Dimension: 65x53x52 (cm)

Weight: 45Kg

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