Aggregometer APACT4004 - Aggregometer

Aggregometer APACT4004

DESCRIPTION OF Aggregometer APACT4004 - Aggregometer

Measuring principle: Photometric, high resolution photometer (740 nm) up to 3 OD

Measuring unit: Controlled at 37.4 °C +/- 0.3 °C

4 independently operating measuring cells for simultaneous determination of different tests

Measuring sensitivity down to 30.000 Thrombocytes/μL

4 reagent positions, one stirred

2 x 15 cuvette incubations positions

Test volume: Micro cuvette for single use

Total min. required 150 μL max. allowable 300 μL

Display: Touch sensitive display

Interfaces: 2 x RS 232 C / ChipCARDTM / MMC-Card / LAN

Printer: External printer via LAN (optional)

Dimensions/Weight: 25.0 x 32.5 x 14.0cm (9.8x12.8x5.5 inch), 5.3 kg (11.7 lb)

Assays: ADP, Adrenalin, Collagen, Ristocetin, Arachidonic Acid

HIT von Willebrand Ristocetin Cofactor assay (optional)

Software features: All reagents individuall editable

On board storage capability up to 15 assays

Real time reaction curve recording

Automated calculation of max./min aggregation, shape change, lag phase, desaggregation, area and more.

Max. measuring time up to 3.600 sec. prgrammable

Data transmission to MMC-Card or external PC software


Type of instrument Measuring instrument for thrombocyte function diagnostics

Intended use Induced thrombocyte aggregation from plateletrich plasma

Method of operation: Semi-automatic

Measuring principle: Photometry

Sensitivity < +/– 2% with a 50% control suspension

Test throughput rate: Depends on duration of measurement

Cuvette volume: Min. 150 μl, Max. 300 μl (Test mix)

Mixer drive 0-2000 rpm, adjustable

Limitations: Not for whole blood aggregation tests

Software: Loaded into memory

Light source: LED Photometer, wavelength 740 nm

Display: Touch sensitive display with 5 lines of 10 characters each; resolution 240 x 128 pixels

Incubation block: Controlled at 37.4°C +/– 0.3°C

Measuring channels: 4

Reagent holders: For 4 positions, diameter 32.0 mm

Cuvette positions: 2 x 15

Consumables: Reagents, cuvettes, mixers

Measuring time: From 1 s to 3600 s max.

Interface: 2x RS 232, 1x LAN (optional)

Storage media: Socket for MMC/SD card ChipCARD reader

Printer memory: 10 KByte

Power consumption: 43W

Mains supply voltage: 100-240V, 47/63Hz mains filter and fuse holder

Fuses 230V/50Hz: 1,6A Time lag, 115V/60Hz: 1.6A Time lag

Types; 5 x 20 mm glass tube fine wire fuses 250V Time lag, acc. to. IEC 60127-2/III at 230V or 5x20 mm

Glass tube fine wire fuse 250V Time lag acc. to UL 248-14 at 115V mains supply voltage

Printer: External, connected via RS232 interface

Recommended printer type: Seiko/Epson DPU414

Ambient Operating temperature: +10°C to +30°C

Temperature: Transport/storage -20°C to +55°C

The instrument should only be shipped and stored in its original packaging and in conditions within the specification for temperature and humidity.

Rel. humidity: < 85% non-condensing

Noise emission: < 70 dB (A)

System time: Real time clock for date and time

Dimensions: 25.0 x 32.5 x 14.0 cm (W x D x H)

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