S@feMate Cyto - Laboratory safety cabinets

S@feMate Cyto

DESCRIPTION OF S@feMate Cyto - Laboratory safety cabinets

These last generation Cytotoxic drug handling Cabinets have been designed according with the most stringent safety standards for this category of Safety Cabinets (DIN12980, EN12469).

The internal design, the air flow aerodynamics and monitoring, the built-in safety devices and the very accurate manufacturing, guarantees the highest performances at the most stringent safety levels, as specified by DIN 12980 and EN12469.

Intrinsic safety, combined with impressively competitive prices, gives the end user a state of the art cabinet accessible to every budget, that only experienced European design and accurate quality manufacturing, can provide.


Other than the two classic H14 filters needed for the filtration of exhausted air and downflow recirculating unidirectional airflow, a tertiary filtration stage (with bag-in bag-out filter changing protocol according to KTA 3601 Lüftungstechnische Anlagen in Kernkraftwerken) is located underneath the work surface in order to provide, by filtering 100% of the recirculated airflow, the required safety for the maintenance personnel when removing this stage of filtration for substitution


Four levels of safety are therefore provided:

1. Safety for the operator, (extremely high Aperture protection factor) identical to the one provided by a Biological Safety Cabinet


2. Safety for the environment (double H14 filtration stage in the exhaust)


3. Safety for the product and between products (class 100 in the work area)


4. Safety for the engineers when changing the tertiary filter stage (bag-in bag-out procedure)

SPECIFICATION OF S@feMate Cyto - Laboratory safety cabinets

Applications: for the pharmaceutical industry
Other characteristics: with HEPA filter
Configuration: floor-standing
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