Laboratory gas generators

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A culture media preparation unit is a system of devices used to create the environment for laboratory culture. Laboratory gas generators deliver purified gas to a system that requires the use of this particular gas.

Laboratory gas generators have a lower maximum output (600 to 1200 mL/min at 100 psi) and present a lower hazard of a leak in the system as laboratory gas generators have onboard alarms for leak detection.

Many of these lab gas generators are hassle-free automated systems that do not require tanks to change or downtime.

Many of the laboratory gas generators do not require tanks to change or downtime producing in-house gas.

Types of the laboratory gas generators:

- nitrogen generation
- hydrogen generation
- exhaust air generation
- purge gas
- ultra-dry air
- zero air
- compressed air
- zero nitrogen
- zero hydrogen
- calibration gas

Depending on the model of laboratory gas generator they can vary in sizes, a flow rate of the gas and operating temperatures.

Laboratory gas generators provide the complete elimination of the safety hazards which are involved with handling high-pressure cylinders.

Laboratory gas generators have such benefits as safety, convenience and cost in producing required gasses in the laboratory 24/7.

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