Milliflex® Plus Vacuum Pump - Laboratory compressors and pumps

Milliflex® Plus Vacuum Pump

DESCRIPTION OF Milliflex® Plus Vacuum Pump - Laboratory compressors and pumps

Evaluating downstream process quality involves multiple steps, whether in pharmaceutical, beverage, or microelectronic product manufacturing processes. Our compact Milliflex® Plus vacuum pump streamlines filtration steps during bioburden testing (microbial limit testing) to accelerate QC sampling. The vacuum pump and the convenient Milliflex® filtration funnels, when used together, comprise an integrated solution for delivering reliable, accurate results in high-throughput production environments.

These features of the Milliflex® Plus vacuum pump simplify your bioburden testing workflow:


Automatic, hands-off filtration for reduced testing time

Sanitary design with autoclavable pump heads

Modular pump head for greater filtration device flexibility

Internal calibration program to ensure accuracy

The key benefits of the Milliflex® Plus vacuum pump:


-Easy to use

By following simple text prompts that appear in the display window, operators can easily and quickly perform IQ and OQ validation and set filtration cycles. In routine sampling, pre-loaded testing programs control the pump through all of the filtration steps automatically. For fluids that require special handling, such as antibiotic solutions or other viscous liquids, a manual mode allows users to customize pump cycles to suit each SOP (standard operating procedure). The pump’s small footprint suits tight workspaces and its low profile allows easy access in laminar flow hoods, so filtration can be performed almost anywhere.


- Suited for high throughput testing

The built-in electronics ensure high productivity. In the automatic mode, filtration starts as soon as the specified sample volume is poured into the funnel, and stops after the determined volume has been processed. Vacuum release and dry cycles automatically terminate filtration without requiring any action by the operator.


Sanitization is easy, so the disruption to workflow is minimal. For even greater throughput, a high-volume workstation of up to three Milliflex® Plus pumps can be set up and used by a single operator. Tests have shown that 3 Milliflex® Plus pumps are faster than a 6-place manifold.

SPECIFICATION OF Milliflex® Plus Vacuum Pump - Laboratory compressors and pumps

Applications: for filtration, laboratory
Other characteristics: oil-free
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