Laboratory cabinets

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A laboratory cabinet is a piece of furniture used to store laboratory equipment. It can be made from wood, stainless steel or other material. Laboratory cabinets are used for storage instruments, devices, chemicals.

Such materials as wood, steel, polypropylene and plastic laminate are used for laboratory cabinets design. Laboratory cabinets can have wheels for mobility in a laboratory and also can be available in sitting, standing and ADA heights, and can be available in different widths and depths.  Doors and drawers can be of different configurations depending on storage needs.

Manufacturers of laboratory cabinets can provide custom design for their client applications.

There are the following types of laboratory cabinets:

- chemical storage cabinets
- combined storage cabinets
- cabinets for glassware
- overbench cabinets
- wardrobes
- shelves
- lockers

Types of laboratory storage cabinets:

1) Plastic Storage Cabinets
2) Laminar Flow Cabinet
3) Critical Environment Tool Cabinets
4) Cleanroom Security Storage Cabinets
5) Garment Storage Cabinets
6) Clean Stocker
7) Desiccator Bulk-Storage Cabinets
8) Locking Steel Cabinets
9) Chemical Storage Cabinets
10) Filtration UV Sterilization Cabinet
11) Stocking, Kitting, and Dispensing Cabinets
12) Curing/Drying Cabinet
13) Mobile Storage
14) Semiconductor Fab Cabinets

Laboratory cabinets provide safe and convenient storage in the laboratory.

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