CHROMOPHARE® F 300 - Examination lamps


DESCRIPTION OF CHROMOPHARE® F 300 - Examination lamps

This is a completely developed lighting condition, which is actually on the principle of total reflection. It is featured with integrated Fresnel structure. It is designed in such a way, by which the light is spread homogeneously. It is known to be ideal for shadow, reflection and glare free lighting. The color reproduction is known to be ideal. With a color temperature of 4,500 K, the F 300 reveals the illuminated area in a neutral white light. With this lighting, the types of tissues will be clearly visible and can also be distinguished. It is known for efficient power consumption as well. The highly efficient LED’s are made and it operates for at least 30,000 hours. High light output is generated with minimal power requirements with the help of this amazing device. With this, operating costs will surely reduce.


Applications: minor surgery
Configuration: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, mobile
Light source: LED
Intensity at 1 m: 55000 lx
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