Rite-Lite 2 HI CRI Shade Matching Unit - Other dental office equipment

Rite-Lite 2 HI CRI Shade Matching Unit

DESCRIPTION OF Rite-Lite 2 HI CRI Shade Matching Unit - Other dental office equipment


The Rite-Lite 2 HI CRI Shade Matching Light is a device that incorporates diffused L.E.D. technology to simulate various lighting conditions to aid in the matching of teeth and all types of dental restorations. Rite-Lite 2 offers three modes of light for shade taking. 1. Color-corrected light at a color temperature of 5500◦ Kelvin. 2. Incandescent – room light at 3200◦ Kelvin. This is found in many indoor environments, and 3. Ambient light at 3900◦ Kelvin. This is a combination of room light and daylight. The Rite-Lite 2 is powered by 12 L.E.D.’s, 2 AA batteries and has a voltage regulator. A pad of 25 neutral color tabs are included. This unit is intended for use by dental professionals, and the dental ceramists. The light blinks on turn on when the batteries get low as a reminder to replace them. The Rite-Lite 2 received a 5 Star Award from Reality Publishing.

High Color Rendition Index (CRI) for Color Accuracy

The Rite-Lite 2 High CRI LED’s recreate the visual spectrum produced by natural sunlight.


• Choose shade at 5500˚K. Verify the selected shade using 3200˚K (incandescence) and 3900˚K (ambient). Shade should match in all color temperatures.


• Portability

• 5500˚K; 3200˚K; 3900˚K

• Low cost

• Easy to use

• HI CRI L.E.D. light source

• Simulates 3 lighting conditions from one source

• Standardizes lighting conditions between multiple locations

• Controlled viewing area

• Neutralizing color tabs included

• Battery operated

• L.E.D. provides full power instantly

• Voltage Regulator

• Low battery indicator with constant light output


• No cumbersome cords

• Choice of 3 simulated lighting conditions: daylight, incandescent and ambient light

• Pays for itself with the price of one remake

• On/off button does not need to be held down

• Reduces glare and reflective highlights

• Easily toggle between 3 lighting conditions with one-touch control

• Provides consistent lighting conditions between dental office and dental laboratory for shade analysis

• Eliminates shadowing from upper lip and distracting outside color sources from interfering with shade selection

• Eliminates color distraction in the oral cavity

• 2 – AA batteries are readily available

• L.E.D. provides 30,000 hours of life

• Constant Light Output

SPECIFICATION OF Rite-Lite 2 HI CRI Shade Matching Unit - Other dental office equipment

Configuration: portable
Light source: LED
Applications: oral, for dental shade-matching
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