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DESCRIPTION OF VANQUISH - Radiofrequency generators

BTL VANQUISH ME™ is the second generation of contactless technology for fat cell disruption. The device has the largest treatment area in the industry, ensuring an unrivaled level of patient comfort and safety, without BMI limitations.

BTL Vanquish ME™ is a breakthrough, next-generation, non-invasive body contouring treatment that offers permanent fat reduction. The treatment is safe, efficient and painless, with absolutely no downtime.

Due to its contactless technology and ability to treat large areas, Vanquish ME can be used on patients of all sizes. Vanquish ME gives circumferential reduction of the entire abdomen and flank. Now with its new flex applicator, Vanquish ME can also be used on the lower body, including the buttocks and thighs. As Vanquish ME warms the skin gently and safely, it also creates a skin tightening effect to the treatment area.

How does Vanquish ME work?

Using the patented Selective RF™ technology, BTL VANQUISH ME™ allows physicians to reduce the circumference of the entire abdominal area, or inner and outer thighs.

The BTL VANQUISH ME™ procedure disrupts fatty cells through the selective heating of adipose tissue. The process leads to fatty cell shrinkage and elimination.

Vanquish ME is the only proven, contactless radiofrequency technology that permanently eliminates unwanted fat. The high-frequency energy heats up the targeted fat layer to destroy unwanted fat cells while protecting surrounding skin tissue and internal organs.

Vanquish ME is a great fit for all healthy clients who want a convenient way to slim down stubborn problem areas, especially when diet and exercise and have failed. This is also an appealing option for people who want a noticeable aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.

How is Vanquish ME different from other fat reduction and body contouring treatments?

Nonsurgical: Unlike tummy tucks, no surgery, anesthesia or recovery time is needed. Plus, Vanquish ME allows the doctor to precisely shape the treatment area.

Large Treatment Size: Other non-invasive systems use source of energy that damages only a small area of unwanted fat cells, either by freezing or heating. Vanquish ME has the industry’s largest hand piece, which can treat more fat simultaneously. Fat layer reduction across the entire abdomen for example, leads to significantly higher circumferential reduction than the localized and time-consuming treatments of individual fat pockets. This also makes Vanquish ME a more cost-effective solution.

Contactless Applicator: In most cases, other fat reduction technologies require direct contact between the applicator and the body for an hour or more – which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. With Vanquish ME, the device hovers over the treatment area and never touches the skin.

Safety: There are few, if any, side effects, compared with invasive procedures, such as tummy tucks and tumescent liposuction, which result in varying degrees of discomfort and downtime.

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