Aurora - Neuronavigation systems


DESCRIPTION OF Aurora - Neuronavigation systems

Track multiple disposable tools or sensors situated inside or outside the body with this customizable, real-time electromagnetic tracking system that delivers sub-millimetric, sub-degree accuracy.

Aurora Features and Benefits:

Electromagnetic Tracking:

Sub-millimetric and sub-degree tracking with no line-of-sight restrictions.

Sensors and Ready-to-Use Tools:

NDI manufactures the smallest, most cost-efficient electromagnetic tracking sensors on the market today. These sensors have been designed for integration into third-party instruments and offer the following features:

Cost-efficient sensors allow for disposable applications.

Robust sensor designs for daily re-use applications.

Sensors as small as 0.3 mm in diameter for integration into high-gauge needles.

Medical Safety Approvals:

Compliant with medical equipment safety standards.


Custom Field Generator (FG) designs that withstand up to 100 autoclave cycles.

Customized FG and electronic form-factors to best match clinical workflow.

Metal Immunity:

Tracking unaffected by the presence of most medical-grade stainless steel (300 series) and titanium.

An optional custom Tabletop Field Generator (FG) minimizes distortions produced by patient tables or other materials below it.

Easy Integration:

The Aurora Application Program Interface (API) allows for easy application-specific software development.

Based on NDI’s Polaris line of optical measurement systems, the Aurora API provides quick integration of existing software applications developed for the most popular optical system on the market today.

Designed for medical applications, the Aurora System has all the necessary electrical safety approvals and classifications to enable OEM partners the quickest path to product realization.

User-Friendly & Reliabile:

Pre-calibrated, the system can be quickly setup for immediate use.

Automated tool detection ensures uninterrupted system dependability during use.

SPECIFICATION OF Aurora - Neuronavigation systems

Acquisition type: electromagnetic
Surgical navigation type: maxillofacial surgery, ENT surgery, spine surgery, neurosurgery
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