Neurology equipment

Neurology is a branch of medicine that generally deals with central and peripheral nervous system disorders and conditions specifically including small factors in human’s body such as blood vessels, effector tissue or overall coverings.

Deviceinformed offers to choose a variety of neurology devices and gadgets that are successfully used in hospitals. This section contains information about a variety of neurology software, neuronavigation systems, nerve monitors, nerve stimulators and other advanced neurology equipment that is necessary for the diagnosis, treatment, and surveillance of various neurologic conditions.

Neurology overlaps with other specialties, so in this medical equipment catalog, you can find various devices and tools such as neurosurgical operating microscopes, staplers and clips, stereotactic frames, electromyographs, nerve monitors, nerve stimulators, etc. For example, acute head trauma is usually treated by neurosurgeons, but there are cases when sequelae of head trauma might be treated by neurologists. Neurologists have also started to treat cases of strokes, even though these cases ordinarily have been managed by internal medicine or hospitalists.

Neurology common tests include:

• Computed axial tomography scans
• Magnetic resonance imaging
• Blood vessels of the head and neck ultrasound

Neurology treats conditions like:

 - Headaches
 - Neuropathy
 - Dementia
 - Strokes
 - Radiculopathy
 - Seizures and epilepsy
 - Alzheimer’s disease
 - Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
 - Parkinson’s disease
 - Tourette’s syndrome
 - Sclerosis
 - Sleep disorders
 - Infections, tumors of the nervous system, and etc. is an online database of high-tech medical devices and tools from suppliers and manufacturers around the globe. Please contact us if you would like to know the price of a certain product, get in touch with the suppliers or get any required information. You can reach us by phone, Skype or e-mail.

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