AGA-LIFT gynecology examination chairs - Gynecological examination chairs

AGA-LIFT gynecology examination chairs

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DESCRIPTION OF AGA-LIFT gynecology examination chairs - Gynecological examination chairs

The AGA-LIFT  and the other AGA gynaecology examination chairs stand out by their functionalities.

In the development, design and manufacturing of our examination chairs, we pay great attention to ergonomics, as is the only way for the user to work without fatigue and for the patient to enjoy a pleasant experience when lying down, functionality, which ensures ease of use and quality, that enables a long product service life.

Besides, the maintenance-free adjustment mechanisms, either manual or electric motor, add to the comfort of use. The continuous electric height adjustment ranging from 650 mm (initial height) to 1160 mm (measured at the seat front edge) with full use of both motorized adjustments provides an ideal working height for every user. Moreover, the low seat initial height of the AGA-LIFT eliminates the need for a folding footstool.

A user-friendly and sturdy examination chair

- Impact-resistant, easy-to-clean base and column covers.

- Wide base with levelling screws for enhanced stability on any type of floor.

- Ergonomically designed backrest (upholstery thickness ranging from 75 mm at the lower end to 140 mm at the top) and seat (thickness 80 mm) for extra comfort.

- Additionally, because of the wedge shape of the backrest, a separate neck roll is not necessary.

- Large pelvic cut-out in the upholstered seat.

- Electric pelvic tilt adjustment, in combination with backrest adjustment enables  Trendelenburg positioning up to 30°.

- The backrest is adjustable up to +54°.

The AGA-LIFT includes, at the listed price

1) two standard rails pre-attached on the outer frame of the seat section

2) an earthed AC socket at the back of the column

3) a stainless steel pan with holder

4) a paper roll holder

AGA-LIFT – Overview

- Seat height in the horizontal position 650 mm

- Height adjustment mechanism - electric with foot switch

- Height adjustment range 650 - 1160 mm (measured at the front edge of seat)

- Pelvic tilting - Trendelenburg position 30°

- Backrest adjustment range +54°

- Width 580 mm, Length  1150 mm (head/backrest 800 mm, seat section 350 mm)

- Maximum load 200 kg

- Frame lacquered, see Frame Colours

- Upholstery thickness -  75 - 140 mm - backrest, with integrated wedge-shaped headrest and 80 mm - seat section, for increased comfort, 21 Upholstery Colours available

The product descriptions and article numbers can be found in the AGA product catalogue on pages 87-88.

More examination chairs made by AGA

We offer more examination chairs for gynecology (with manual adjustments), for urology and proctology  that are tailored to your exact needs - for every application, we have the perfect design in our product range.

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