t:90™ - Infusion manifolds


DESCRIPTION OF t:90™ - Infusion manifolds

Our most popular all-in-one infusion set, and for good reason. The t:90™ Infusion Set's 90-degree soft cannula comes pre-loaded in an automatic spring inserter, so one-handed insertions are quick and easy, even in hard-to-reach areas.


90° soft cannula/Automatic Insertion

Reversible connector makes reconnection simple

Large grip areas on connector make disconnection easier

Point of insertion is visible

Available in Blue, Pink, and Grey.


6mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer / REF 005908 / 10ea. - Grey

6mm cannula, 43" tubing, Luer / REF 005909 / 10ea. - Grey

9mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer / REF 005910 / 10ea. - Grey

9mm cannula, 43" tubing, Luer / REF 005911 / 10ea. - Grey

6mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer / REF 005912 / 10ea. - Pink

9mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer / REF 005913 / 10ea. - Pink

6mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer / REF 005914 / 10ea. - Blue

9mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer / REF 005915 / 10ea. - Blue

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