Comfort™ - Infusion manifolds


DESCRIPTION OF Comfort™ - Infusion manifolds

The world's #1 soft-cannula infusion set, the comfort is easy to insert, has a discreet, low profile, and convenient at-site disconnection. The comfort™ allows users to choose their most comfortable insertion angle (20-45º), so it's preferred by patients who are lean and active.

30⁰ soft cannula / Manual Insertion

Small window in front of the cannula shows when the soft cannula is inserted properly.

Built-in adhesive is strong yet hypoallergenic.

Visible and audible connection and disconnection confirmation.

comfort Short, 13mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer / REF 004172 / 10ea.

comfort Short, 13mm cannula, 32" tubing, Luer / REF 004173 / 10ea.

comfort Short, 13mm cannula, 43" tubing, Luer / REF 004174 / 10ea.

comfort, 17mm cannula, 23" tubing, Luer / REF 004177 / 10ea.

comfort, 17mm cannula, 32" tubing, Luer / REF 004178 / 10ea.

comfort, 17mm cannula, 43" tubing, Luer / REF 004179 / 10ea.

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