Wrist sleeves

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This section contains information about such orthopedics, immobilization equipment as wrist sleeves.

Wrist sleeves are widely used in the field of orthopedics and immobilization. Wrist sleeves are worn around the wrist in order to protect the wrist after an injuries or to allow it to heal. Wrist bones and ligaments are immobilized by the help of wrist sleeves, which provide heat and compression. Usually wrist sleeves are made of nylon or neoprene that allows limited movements of the whole hand and wrist.

Wrist sleeves are usually used in treatment of:

• Immobilization of the joint
• Wrist traumas
• Postoperative synovitis
• Articulation inflammations

The wrist sleeves usage in sports:

Wrist sleeves are used not only for rehabilitation purposes but in the field of sports too. Wrist sleeves also performs a role in weightlifting or bodybuilding - where wrist needs extraordinary support. In these activities, wrist sleeves are used in prevention of sprains and strains. Wrist sleeves are also used in activities with a paddle or racket, such as tennis, paddle, badminton or hockey. In order to wipe the sweat from the forehead, wrist sleeves are manufactured in cotton or plush.

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