Finger orthoses is an online directory of medical devices from leading and trusted medical manufacturers and suppliers around the globe. In this section, everyone can find such orthopedics, immobilization equipment as finger orthoses. The finger orthoses provide the patients with necessary treatment after injuries or surgeries.

Finger orthoses are widely used in orthopedics and immobilization. Orthoses are used in the medical orthotics field where the design, manufacture, and application of these devices are important. Finger orthoses are used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular system.  

Finger orthosis are used for:

• Control, guide, limit or immobilize the finger/arm bones for a particular reason
• Restrict movement in a given direction
• Give assistance in arm’s movements generally
• Reduce weight bearing forces for a particular purpose
• Give rehabilitation after the removal of a cast
• Provide easier movement or reduce pain

Finger orthoses allow individuals suffering from neurological impairments, such as stroke, the ability to incorporate their arm and hand functionally in therapy and at home rehabilitation. Finger orthoses include a hand rehabilitation programs for fingers or thumbs. In finger orthoses category, you can also find wrist braces for wrist protection from pain. Wrist braces immobilize the joint and provide compression and high temperature for the wrist ligaments.

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