ULTRAVIOL is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment. Our equipment operates in the best medical facilities in Poland and abroad. We specialize in manufacturing of medical equipment such as analog and digital X-ray film viewers, germicidal lamps for air and area disinfection, and lamps for light therapy to treat seasonal affective disorder and winter depression. In our offer dedicated to medical sector we offer a wide range of specialized product lines:

NGP line is a range of modern analogue X – ray film viewers standard and LED. We offer a wide range of models of X- ray film viewers: single-or multi-frames, with adjustable luminance of the screen and not adjustable, specialized X-ray film viewers for mammograms with and without shutters, one-and two-level "descriptive wall" for viewing a series of images. All X-ray film viewers are also available in versions of converters using high-frequency (HF).

Air and surface disinfection with UV-C germicidal lamps is an effective method to improve the microbiological purity. Especially the line of flow UV-C germicidal lamps NBVE disinfecting the air in the presence of the people is indispensable in medical facilities and all crowded facilities.

NBVE line is a range of flow UV-C germicidal lamps. Disinfection of air in the flow UV-C germicidal lamps takes place inside the chamber, so it is completely safe for people, animals and plants. Quite work of UV-C flow germicidal lamps provides adequate comfort for people being inside.

NBV line of direct UV-C germicidal lamps for air and surface disinfection. UV- C germicidal lamps irreversibly inactivate bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and all other organisms. The effectiveness of UV-C germicidal lamps is confirmed by many tests.

NBV line of UV-C germicidal lamps also includes covers in IP 65 standard for the food industry, processing industry.

FOTOVITA line is a range of lamps for light therapy for depression SAD, effective in the treatment of seasonal depression. Seasonal depression is caused by lack of sunlight during the autumn and winter. Lamps for light therapy Fotovita emitting bright light treat and prevent seasonal depression. Light therapy lamps are offered in three versions, the lamp Fotovita FV10L large 10,000 Lux light Fotovita FV10M average 5000 Lux lamp 10S small Fotovita FV 3200 Lux at a distance of 50cm. Light therpay for depression is a very popular method of phototherapy.