Spinal Rehab Solutions

Spinal Rehab Solutions

Most companies are founded based upon an idea backed by a plan and ambitions with the ultimate goal of turning a profit. This is not the story of Spinal Rehab Solutions. Our story begins from a personal experience, an experience of pain, low back pain to be precise.

After years in an industry that required constant standing, bending, and twisting, our founder had become stricken with debilitating back pain that caused significant loss of function and the inability to resume work. Frustrated with what conventional medicine was offering and with what his life was reduced to; narcotic pain management, epidural injections and ultimately left with the decision of surgery, a tireless search for a solution began.

In time this search lead our founder to an alternative pain management doctor that prescribed him a specialized lumbar sacral orthosis, or back-brace. Between the use of this brace and other conservative care our founder's life began to improve, but only to a point. You see without his back brace the pain returned and normal function was difficult, but with the brace, which was rigid and cumbersome, movement was difficult and a return to work still impossible. These struggles lead to additional efforts for yet a better solution. The result was the SR-500 Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression LSO Brace, a solution that provided pain relief, therapeutic value, and complete mobility. This was the birth of Spinal Rehab Solutions and the beginning of "Therapeutic Relief On The Go".

Since our simple beginning, Spinal Rehab Solutions has expanded to become a leading provider of alternative pain management solutions through durable medical equipment such as various bracing, electrical therapy stimulation, topical solution products and other cutting edge alternative pain management solutions. It is through this personal experience that our dedication to improving quality of life was forged and our service to our customers, the medical professional, and their patients that have become our honor and ultimate reward.

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