Our company is trading as "Rego X-Ray GmbH" since 2003 and came from the previous "Apparate und Maschinenbau Kastl" (founded in 1921) and "REGO Gollwitzer GmbH & Co. KG" (founded in 1974).Apparate und Maschinenbau Kastl had first manufactured filters for pumping systems, special machines, manufacturing of Aluminium and the developed the product line medical products quality accessories as well as X-ray protection and X-ray accessories.Rego X-Ray GmbH is an individual company with presently 6 employees.All our products meet directions of ISO 9003 since 1994.

Rego X-Ray GmbH produces:

X-ray cassettes

Grids for conventional X-rays CR, DR

Slip-on-grids made of stainless steel or carbon fibre

Cassette holders

ID Cameras Daylight

X-ray protection Racking systems

X-ray protection walls, mobile

Positioning aids, covers for bucky table

Compensating filters

X-ray viewing boxer

Belt compressors and truss pads

Leg holder Rippstein

Additionally we offer a variety of products for darkroom and X-ray accessories.