This subtitle stands for our basic attitude. We wish to establish with our customers and suppliers a good and durable relationship. Therefore our motto is:

Flexibility - to serve the customer

Customer minded - to understand the customer

Competence - tailor made products and solutions


Prämeta was founded in 1945 by Ferdinand Freiherr Dr. von Soiron and his wife. In the beginning it was a company which distrib-uted hinges. For a short period spare parts and accessories for bicycles as well as the still very popular toy cars were added.

Before long the first tourniquet was available. In 1973 Heinz Drooff joined the company as Managing Partner. The Soirons sold the majority of the company to the Drooff family and to Deutsche Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Frankfurt on M. (DBG).

In 1987 Soiron sold the remaining shares of the company to Carl Gommann KG in Remscheid.

In 1990 Heinz Drooff passed the management of the company to his son Heiner Drooff. In January 2000 the latter took the shares of the DBG and Carl Gommann KG and thus obtained the majority of the company. The company is now a pure family business.

In 2006 Prämeta moved to Troisdorf near Cologne, making substantial investments to improve the infrastructure in preparation for the future requirements of the market.

The hinges division

In the beginning the business of Prämeta was the distribution of hinges which were manufac-tured by Postel Druckguß company. Before long own developments of modern hinge types werde added. Revolutionary to the whole industry was the next step of Prämeta: instead of fixing the hinges on the wood surface the depths of it were used. This was the dawn of the hinge with elongated mortise. The further development of this idea led to the type of hinge as it is known nowadays. The modern hinge enables a more rational and economic manufacturing of doors.

Today he main area of activity is development of hinges for institutional and non-domestic furniture as well as special types of hinges. The application fields of these hinges are: administrative buildings, schools, kindergarten and hospitals. Special hinges are tailor made in case of explicit requests from customers as well as solutions for restricted fields in the furniture manufacturing. You will find convincing solutions for glass doors as well as flat hinges for massive boards (HPL, Trespa, Max, Kompakt etc.)

The medical division

In the 1950s Doctor Bumm, a friend of Soirons, invented the first comfortable tourniquet. This idea lead to “The Grey Tourniquet” which in all parts of the world became the synonym of first class tourniquet.

20 years later the successor “The Green Tourniquet” set new standards of even more comfort in application and function. Based on continuous work on improvements throughout the years this product still represents the world-wide high standard for all products of it’s type.

Additionally special solutions for certain applica-tions were developed: “The children tourniquet” diverts the attention of the small patients. “The Emergency Tourniquet” for rescue services allows to set precise and adjustable compressions and stoppage of traumatic bleeding. The “PW Tourniquet” for promotional purposes. And last but not least “The Easy Tourniquet” which opens the way for a totally new kind of blood taking. From the middle of the nineties the range of products was enlarged with AquaProtect an effective water protecting cover for casts and bandages.


The products of Prämeta are sold world-wide: in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Depending on the product line and regional circumstances it is done through the respective specialized trade or through sale partners.


We practice long term partnership not only with our regional distribution partners bus also with our long term customers as well as our suppliers.


With highly sophisticated CAD equipment Prämeta develops its own new serial products as well as special solutions for customers be it adaptation for the standard programs or totally new specific products. Being flexible Prämeta is ready to take into consideration even relatively small quantities.