PHP aesthetic prostheses

PHP aesthetic prostheses

When Dr. Pillet first began to produce aesthetic prostheses, many specialists felt that they were certainly “very beautiful creations”, but patients would undoubtedly be able to wear but not use.


Patients who have been wearing our aesthetic prostheses for some ten, thirty or forty years tell us that “they are functional”.

Why should that be so?…Because they use them.

The real proof that a prosthesis is functional is to be found in the use made of it.

Our patients use their PHP prostheses.

The passively functional upper limb prosthesis, designed and developed by Dr. Jean Pillet, Paris, France, has become a major component of the comprehensive professional and social reeducation program for patients with either a partial or total amputation of the hand, or upper extremity.

Such a prosthesis may provide the answer to the psychological and functional needs of congenital or acquired amputees.