Ortopedijos technika

Ortopedijos technika

AB Ortopedijos Technika is one of the largest manufacturers of orthopedic products in the Baltic States. We have been developing and producing the highest-standard customized orthopedic solutions for over 70 years.

AB Ortopedijos Technika is headquartered in Kaunas, Lithuania employing over 400 highly innovative staff members throughout five locations in the country. We work closely with a number of foreign partners and have been successfully providing our products to European and worldwide markets.

Permanent emphasis on qualification and investments into staff training has always played an essential role in maintaining our competitive position in the market. We believe in the necessity of combining traditional and contemporary manufacturing techniques. Our fully-equipped factory is fitted with highly skilled techniques and top quality materials.

Participation in prestigious international exhibitions each time provides us with opportunities to enter new markets.

We appreciate our existing partnerships and are always open for new projects and cooperation.

Official webpage: http://www.orthopedic-pro.com/

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