Ofa Bamberg

Ofa Bamberg

Our company’s growth has been principally driven by innovation. Ofa Bamberg was the first manufacturer to offer compression stockings with modern microfibres. Also further fashionable accessories such as the lace grip top and the great colour choice set trends. “The ugly rubber stocking” has become a thing of the past.

Simultaneously the product range for support and travel socks and stockings was expanded to apply the acquired know-how also to preventive products, in other words to health care.

Additionally the area bandages and ortheses was being continuously expanded. While the product range initially consisted of purely knitted bandages, today it comprises a comprehensive selection of bandages and ortheses for (almost) all joints.

And with the unique development of the “Memory Aloe Vera”, medical stockings with aloe vera, Ofa Bamberg is setting new standards. For the “Memory Aloe Vera” unites healthy compression and skin care all in one.

Besides sales and distribution through our own subsidiary in Austria, Ofa Bamberg exports to more than 40 countries around the globe, and is particularly successful in eg Japan.

In 2009 the domain O-motion was founded to respond to the growing importance of a new market segment: compression stockings are being increasingly worn by sportsmen/women to enhance performance and prevent injuries. A new and interesting target group for Ofa Bamberg and also for specialist retailers.