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Our company offers equipment for functional diagnostics of the respiratory system, which is based on a patented measurement head. Our equipment meets ERS and ATS standards. Novelties, represented companies, training, we will teach you something lub learn something; (see) our offer, certificates, download, files to download, to download our files fill in the application, name and surname, next, how to find us, about us.

The MES Company was founded in 1993 in Krakow. From the beginning our company specializes in constructing, producing, trading and servicing medical equipment which is consistent with the experience and interests of the company’s founders. The Primary aim of our company is to produce medical equipment designed to diagnose respiratory system of the human body. Our main product is the LUNGTEST consisting of series of the spirometers, ergospirometers and rhinomanometers. The concept of the LUNGTEST system was invented by the MES. Our company has laid a heavy emphasis on safety so as to protect the patient from the possibility of infection that could occur during the examination. Thorough knowledge of the technique and physiology of the pulmonology examinations, flow measurement as well as months of tests and trials have gone into creating a unique measuring pneumotach head, which was granted a Polish patent. The new head is the main measuring device used in all apparatus for measuring flow and density and is produced only by MES. Simple and quick replacement of the pneumotach head ensures safety to the patients. By lowering the air resistance inside the pneumotach head we provide our patients with the conditions closely approaching the physiological ones of normal breathing. Wide range of measuring of the pneumotach head enables the head to apply it in spirometric and rhinomannometric examinations, as well as in sports medicine. The medical/diagnostic equipment produced by MES is highly recognized on the domestic market - hundreds of them are installed in the most renowned medical centers. The equipment is also sold on export markets. The popularity of the equipment with the MES trademark was possible thanks to the wise company’s policy in relation to its customers. Purchasing the equipment is always connected with the customer training, the MES company guarantees its customers free software ready to install in your equipment purchased in MES.

The company also guarantees development and modernization of the purchased equipment regardless of its production date. Our particular field of interest is designing and constructing measuring apparatus for research institutes like Institute of Tuberculosis and Lungs Diseases in Warsaw and Rabka, Collegium Medicum in Warsaw. As a result of our cooperation with the research institutes the following unique diagnostic system have been developed: the apparatus for analyzing the respiration circulation, the apparatus for measuring of diaphragm relaxation time, the motivation system for spirometric measurements in children, the apparatus for analyzing susceptibility in infants, 24-hour automated cough monitor and versatile multichannel system of distribution of measuring data. Our staff which comprises of well-qualified and experienced engineers and technicians contributes to constant and dynamic development of our company. Our products are produced in accordance with the newest developments in the fields of electronics, computer science, medicine and technology, as well as by applying our own unique patented solutions.

In 2000 our company has introduced the quality management system according to the ISO 9001. Since 2005 our factory holds ISO 13485:2003 certificate and all of our products obtain CE certificates. We represent many Polish companies manufacturing products which enrich and replenish our offer.