Our tagline ‘Together in Motion™’ sums up very well how we value different opinions and act upon our stakeholders’ expertise.

DJO is a leading global provider of high-quality, orthopaedic devices with a broad range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. We also develop, manufacture and distribute a broad range of surgical reconstructive implant products. We are the largest non-surgical orthopaedic rehabilitation device company in the United States and among the largest globally, as measured by revenues. Many of our products have leading market positions.

We believe that our strong brand names, comprehensive range of products, focus on quality, innovation and customer service, extensive distribution network, and our strong relationships with orthopaedic and physical therapy professionals have contributed to our leading market position. We believe that we are one of only a few orthopaedic device companies that offer healthcare professionals and patients a diverse range of orthopaedic rehabilitation products addressing the complete spectrum of preventative, pre-operative, post-operative, clinical and home rehabilitation care. Our products are used by orthopaedic specialists, spine surgeons, primary care physicians, pain management specialists, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals to treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions resulting from degenerative diseases, deformities, traumatic events and sports-related injuries.

In addition, many of our non-surgical medical devices and related accessories are used by athletes and patients for injury prevention and at-home physical therapy treatment. Some of our trademarks, service marks and brand names include: Aircast®, Artromot®, Chattanooga®, CMF, Compex®, DJO Surgical, DonJoy® and ProCare®.

DJO is proud of its reputation as both a leading edge innovator, and as an invaluable source of expertise and support to the clinician in the field. The company has a long history of commitment to clinical research and development both in-house and through collaborating with reputable clinical and biomechanical institutions around the world. At our Californian headquarters, we have a ‘Biomechanics Lab’ where we can rigorously test the efficacy of our products. This Lab was instrumental in the development of DonJoy’s patented ‘Four Points of Leverage’ bracing methodology.

In 1993, DJO built its own Clinical Education & Research Facility (CERF) which was the first of its kind in the US. This facility is frequently used by orthopaedic surgeons from across the globe for surgical skills training and the development of new or innovative orthopaedic surgical techniques.