Cormay Group is an IVD group of companies, from Switzerland and Poland developing and manufacturing high quality diagnostic reagents and advanced laboratory equipment.

Our philosophy is to manufacture the highest quality products, that give reliable results and the insight into the patient’s health. We also support our clients with intensive product training and after- sales service, provided by qualified specialists. The high quality of our reagents and analyzers is confirmed everyday by many numerous laboratory practitioners all over the world.

Our clinical chemistry portfolio includes a full range of routine and sophisticated immunochemistry tests essential for accurate diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. For haematology lab, we provide an innovative technology for the most popular 3-Diff and advanced 5-Diff systems supported by Swiss analyzers. The Cormay group companies also supply coagulation reagents and electrophoresis gels to meet all the needs of lab practitioners.

A highly developed distribution network of the group consist of 221 distributors in more than 120 countries (specialized in different IVD fields). Cormay Group companies sell their diagnostic reagents combined with automatic laboratory analyzers all over the world – in such countries as The United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Spain, Romania, and also Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, China, Russia, Dubai (UAE), Egypt, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and many others all over the 5 continents.

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