• CHIROMEGA company limited was founded in 2002.

• Basic production article of the newly - founded company was the CHIROMEGA 654 dental unit.

• Early in 2003 Chiromega company introduced completely a new group of units.

Gradually the production program has been encreased to the types NK, Nika, Duet and CHIROMEGA 652 chair as a part of them.

• In 2005 a new chair CHIROMEGA 652 ZOK was added up to the production schedule.

• At the turn of 2005 to 2006 the company achieved CE mark certificate for the dental X-ray device Minident 70. Introduction of the device for market is planned on September 2006.

• The company owns Quality Management System Certificate according ISO 9001 and ISO13485. The company maintais and continually improoves the system.

Manufacturer products