AMRAY Medical

AMRAY Medical

Radiation Protection Solutions by AmRay

AmRay Medical is a trusted provider of Radiation Protection Products for the medical sector. AmRay delivers high quality and leads free aprons, accessories and room radiation shielding solutions that offer comfort, durability and optimum X-Ray Radiation Protection for both medical staff and patients.

The AmRay Difference

AmRay’s portfolio of Radiation Protection Products fully addresses the Health & Safety issues and concerns of medical professionals and their patients throughout Ireland, UK, Europe and beyond.

AmRay business was founded by an experienced radiographer in 1985 and has grown to become a leading provider of personal radiation protection clothing in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the Middle East. AmRay is now a recognized brand worldwide.

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AmRay works closely with medical professionals, engineers, physicists and project architects to design and manufacture innovative radiation protection solutions designed for the safety and comfort of medical staff, patients, and the general public.

Custom-made X-Ray protective aprons, accessories and room radiation shielding are designed with optimum safety, practicality, comfort and durability. AmRay is committed to the ongoing Research and Development of market leading and innovative radiation protection solutions.

Priority for AmRay company is to provide an open door for installations where bacteria and contamination are prevented absolutely.

AmRay manufactures products for these fields:

• Personal Protection
• Shielding Solutions
• Hygiene Control

AmRay provides:

• Radiation Protection Aprons:

− Two-piece design including a wide skirt for easiest movement. Extended procedures are more comfortable of greater air circulation
− Made to individual measurements
− Soft materials allow complete flexible movements
− Clip-on thyroid collar is optional
− Weight transferred between shoulders and hips reduces tiredness
− Chest pocket included
− Padded shoulders relieve pressure on shoulders

• Protective Eyewear:

− Available: Plano (nonprescription), Single Rx, Progressive
− Lead equivalence: 0.75 mmPb Front / 0.50 mmPb Side shields
− Weighs 63 grams
− Recommended for prescription lenses also
− Combination of design and comfort
− Available colours: black / silver / blue

• Protection Accessories:

− Belts and lower back support:

> Weight distributed from shoulders to hips
> Can be as individual items or attached to lead apron
> Elasticated back support
> Easy to release belt buckle

− Arm and hand protection:

> Hand and finger ability to move
> Can be supplied with easy-fit Velcro or stitched to apron

− Shin and foot protection:

> Protects lower leg and foot from radiation
> Available as individual items or as a set

• Patient Protection:

− Back Shield
− Protective Blankets
− Male Gonad Protection TAM00S/MT
− Male Gonad Protection MGS Triangle
− Female Ovarian Shield AMO S/F

• Apron Storage:

− Wall Single Hanger:

> 3 apron hanger
> Revolving supports
> Made of powder coated steel

− Wall Multi Hanger:

> 10 apron hangers

− Skirt Hooks:

> Designed for hanging lead skirts
> Free-standing or suited to all wall

−  Mobile Multi Hanger:

> 10 apron hangers
> Stainless steel revolving hangers
> Lockable castors for ease of movement
> Powder coated steel frame

− Mobile Multi Hanger-2:

> 6 apron hangers
> Revolving supports
> Lockable castors for ease of movement
> Stable design of powder coated steel construction

− Glove Support Hanger:

> Wall attachment or mobile

− Wall Double Hanger:

> 6 apron hangers
> Revolving supports
> Powder coated steel

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