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DESCRIPTION OF MOS Design Studio - Services for medical companies


MOS studio is located in Barcelona. The leading forces behind MOS are two entrepreneurs, David Grifols and David Roselló, who have worked in various design roles over the past years.

We provide solutions to your design needs. We are a young, creative, agile team with extensive experience with a range of clients, from small startups to large corporations.

At MOS, we provide cost effective solutions but we don´t compromise on our designs. We strongly believe that the devil is in the details. This is why we are involved in all aspects of the process, from the creative and organisational to the technical.
We have experience collaborating with experts in other domains such as marketing, communications, and engineering.

MOS has found his niche in the market, on the national and international level, by developing innovative, attractive, functional and feasible projects.

MOS is an award winning company. We have worked internationally, developing innovative, attractive, and feasible projects for a wide range of clients.

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We carry out technical projects, from electronic devices or equipment goods to furniture and consumer goods. Always starting and basing our work on simplicity as our company philosophy says.

That is our real challenge, creating the highest quality products at the same time to be as simple and functional as possible in both form and function.

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We create graphic support for brands and companies in order to help communicate ideas in an effective and powerful way. From simple and concise ideas we transmit visual messages tailored to each project, whether print or digital.

We combine images, words, and ideas to create the best designs for each client.

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