Urological lasers

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Urological lasers are used in urology field to perform minimally invasive robotic, laser-assisted surgeries and procedures for multiple benign and malignant treatment Urological lasers apply different techniques in order to treat urinary tract problems. Laser systems differ in the particular wavelength that is used, the power and the mode of emission. Lasers provide less invasive and more effective treatment for stones of all sizes and treat tumors throughout the urinary tract with little risk to surrounding areas.

A surgical procedure called laser lithotripsy also uses urological lasers to remove stones from the urinary tract, for example, from kidney, ureter, urethra, or bladder. Usually, lasers use fiber diameters of 200-550 microns. Urological lasers offer non-invasive treatment for chronic tendinopathy and other disorders of soft tissues by stimulating affected area. These medical devices can offer treatment for a huge variety of medicine fields including gynecologic surgery, lithotripsy, cardiovascular surgery, etc.

Stimulators are specialized tools that help to improve physicians’ proficiency in performing surgeries with these urological lasers. Devices can be trolley-mounted, but stabilization is incredibly reliable according to electromechanical damping of vibrations. The number of incisions is reduced and these lasers cause any damage to patients’ health. Required durability and resisting external mechanical wear makes urological lasers reliable and long-lasting equipment that are necessary for performing urological procedures.

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