Urological examination tables

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Urological examination tables are necessary devices in diagnosis and treatment of gynecology and urology. These tables are designed specially to perform gynecological and urological examination and intervention precisely and trustworthy. Urological examination tables provide comfortable position for patient during procedures and help to transfer patient if he or she is unable to move while inactivity between clinics. If there is a patient transfer extension, these tables can be used for general imaging.

These specific tables can be multi purposed: suited for examination of birth delivery with their ergonomic structure and various accessories available, also not only gynecological and urological operations can be performed but even surgical procedures such as head, neck, abdomen, perineum or extremities operations. Tables can provide various comfortable positions where the patient is required to remain on the table, with manual and feet commands help.

Urological examination tables have many features to perform urological and gynecological procedures with a better quality. Tables are height adjustable, with backrest, on casters, reclining and tilting can be done easily. Footrest can be manually removed and folded, there are usually side drawers for urologists tools and accessories. The seat is electrically adjustable by the foot switch, the back and the leg rest can be adjusted with a gas spring system. Urological tables are made of materials that are easy to clean and tend to last over time.

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