Urological examination chairs

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Urological examination chairs are necessary tools in performing qualitative diagnostic and therapeutical procedures of urology. These chairs are used to ease the patient’s tension and to support them during gynaecological and urological procedures as well as to give very high comfort level for both urologist and patient. The urologists need to have an easy access to a patient without any interference of chair shape, back rests or any other part of a tool.

Urological examination chairs ensure full safety of the patient. These devices can have electric actuators in order to the easiest positioning and to obtain required height of the chair securely and precisely without any additional effort from the staff. The back rests and seat rests can be adjustable according to any patient’s measurements with the help of interlocking gas springs. Cleaning of these chairs usually is easy and leaves no dirty marks because upholstery, protection covers and plastic elements are made of easy to clean and excellent quality materials.

Urological examination chairs can perform various procedures, that’s why they can be electric, mechanical, hydraulic, electromechanical or electropneumatic. To make a patient and an urologist meeting more comfortable and reliable, these chairs also can be with adjustable backrest, on casters, height can be adjustable, tilting and reclining also available.

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