Urodynamic systems

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Urodynamic systems are used in the urology to diagnose various diseases and conditions of urinary incontinence and pelvic floor. The system offers all necessary tools for evaluating the gastrointestinal motility and erectile disorders, rehabilitation of the pelvic floor functions and for measuring the urinary flow rate and the pressure of patients bladder. Urodynamic systems can be adapted for current treatment and for future requirements such as gynecology study, anorectal manometry, biofeedback, neuro-urology, video-urodynamics and network capabilities.

Urodynamic systems can be specialised especially for men to measure the bladder pressure. A specialised cuff is placed around the shaft of the penis and is temporarily exaggerated to prevent flow and then the cuff pressure required to empty the bladder in order to measure the pressure. Maximum flow rate and cuff pressure can aid to determine whether the BOO (bladder outlet obstruction) is present or not.

These devices can be easily moved near to the patient and require little space. Urodynamic systems can be based on trolley or two units can be connected by a wireless device. Optional infrared remote control and database enables entry and retrieval of patient demographics.

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