BETAMIX - Urinary incontinence slings


DESCRIPTION OF BETAMIX - Urinary incontinence slings

Betamix Biourethral Support System is a mesh implant for reinforcing connective tissue structures and ligaments. Betamix is knitted from non-resorbable, monofilament polypropylene fibre.

The specially developed knitted structures and ideal mesh size of Betamix are optimally matched to the fields of application for which it is intended.

How does Betamix Sling System work?

SUI occurs when the muscles of the pelvic floor become weak and no longer provide adequate support for the urethra. Betamix sling system allows the physician to place sling under the urethra.The sling cradles your urethra in a position that mimics normal anatomy to give it more support and prevent accidental urine leakage.

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SPECIFICATION OF BETAMIX - Urinary incontinence slings

Mesh type: urinary incontinence
Surgical technique: transobturator approach, vaginal approach
Patient type: women's
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