Rigid ureteroscopes

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Rigid ureteroscopes are long thin rigid instruments used for removing stones from the ureter or those that are close to the bladder or the kidney. These instruments are passed through the urethra and the bladder directly to the ureter. The procedure of ureteroscopy is useful in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract disorders. If the stones are of big sizes, they are broken into pieces before the removal, and if they are small ones they can be removed in one piece. During the procedure with a rigid fibre optic device, a patient is being under anaesthetic. Sometimes complications like bleeding or abdominal pain can appear, but only in those cases when a stone is very close to the kidney.

The procedure itself does not include any incisions in the patient’s body. The thin rigid ureteroscope, which diameter is less than 2 mm, is inserted into the urethra and then the urologist pulls ureteroscope through the bladder and ureter to find where the kidney stone is, the size of it with the help of visualization tool.

Rigid ureteroscopes are designed for safe, qualitative urology procedures. These instruments are made of high quality materials. Brilliant picture quality provides possibility to identify even the most insignificant symptoms of the urinary tract problems. Various attachments are available within these instruments, like standard stopcocks or valves. This ensures better cleaning and effective sterilization.

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