Rigid nephroscopes

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Rigid nephroscopes are devices used in managing all types of common bile duct calculi and for viewing the inside of the kidney. These devices are expected to become the standard for laparoscopies, especially for removing large calculi from a bile duct. Usually, rigid nephroscopes can be equipped with a channel for a telescope, fiber-optic light, and irrigation. Minimally invasive surgeries are performed with these nephroscopes. Nephroscopy is a medical field that finds problems related with cysts, adhesions, infections or fibroids.

This instrument can be incised into the renal pelvis for diagnosing diseases by viewing the inside of the kidney. A thin, lighted tube is put through a cut in the belly to view the abdominal organs and take tissue samples. Both pediatric and adult patients are examined using rigid nephroscope and it is suitable even for obese patients.

General anesthesia is always used before the procedure, sometimes also spinal anesthesia may be used. A small incision in the belly is made with a needle and gas is slowly inserted through the needle to inflate the belly. The gas is used in order to lift the abdominal wall from the organs and then a thin lighted tube is put inside so your doctor can see everything clearly. After the procedure, all the tools will be removed from your abdominal area and the gas will be released. Bandages and stitches will close the incisions and leave almost no visible scars, which will fade over some time.

Rigid nephroscopes are designed for quality, safety and extended lifetime. Extra long working length with its narrow width guarantees comfort for the patients and efficient results according to the excellent image quality, which provides a clear view and flexible operation.

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