Rigid cystoscopes

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Rigid cystoscopes are thin, solid, straight telescopes used for examination of the urinary tract taking samples of urine from the bladder. Typically cystoscopes have lenses that help in visualization of inner tissues of the urinary tract. Some devices have flexible glass fibres that take an image from the tip of the cystoscope to the other end. The thickness of a cystoscopes can vary from a pencil size to tiny 9mm rod with a light at the tip.

Cystoscopy is needed when patients have such conditions as loss of bladder control, urinary tract infections, blood in the urine, painful urination, stone in the urinary tract, and other diseases or conditions related to the urinary tract.

Cystoscopy is performed giving general anesthesia especially for male patients, due to the pain that is caused by the probe. During the procedure, patients have to lie on their backs with knees raised. Then a physician inserts the tip of the rigid cystoscope into the urethra and gently pulls it up to the bladder. Patients can feel some discomfort or the need to urinate, but these symptoms are temporary.

Rigid cystoscopes are made of high-quality stainless steel, have a special handle for greater dexterity and shaft rotation of 360-degree. The brightness of images and high-resolution quality are provided by the depth of focus.

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