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Prolapse strips are used in surgical treatment of female prolapses providing unique solutions for pelvic floor repair, i.e. treatment for organs falling out of a normal place. These strips are used in surgical procedures to correct uterine prolapses involving a resuspension of the prolapsed uterus with a strip of synthetic mesh in order to lift the uterus in the appropriate place. Mesh promote better tissue integration and pre-cut shape of the strips perfectly adapts to patient’s anatomy. Prolapse strips allow to get back to normal sexual function and preserve childbearing function.

Prolapse strips are used in sacrohysteropexy, that is an open operation or laparoscopically, via keyhole incisions. The laparoscopic technique provides a better visualization of the anatomy, short term stay in a hospital, lower postoperative pain and quick recovery. Normal uterine support is restored and reinforced by suspending the uterus in its anatomical position using polypropylene mesh.

Prolapse strips give benefits for pelvic floor reconstruction combining natural tissue together with a long-term synthetic mesh, which is in a single implant. It can be either as a mechanical support or bridging material for the fascial defect. Prolapse strips provide long-lasting stabilization and tissue reinforcement of the pelvic floor in vaginal wall prolapse.

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