Pelvic electrical stimulators is an online directory of medical equipment from respectable suppliers and manufacturers who offer a wide range of medical tools and products for various medicine fields. This section contains information about urology equipment and here you can find pelvic electrical stimulators.

Pelvic electrical stimulators are special devices that activate natural nerve and muscle system in a patient’s body and strengthen the neuromuscular tissue of the pelvic floor. These devices play a significant role in the treatment and re-education of urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is basically any leakage of urine. Pelvic electrical stimulators use symmetrical bi-phasic wave shape in the treatments. Usually patients, who need electrical stimulation, have to keep a track of their bladder and urethral muscles contract in order to gain some control over these muscles by themselves. Stress and urge incontinence can be relieved by these pelvic electrical stimulators as well as with pelvic muscle exercises.

Pelvic electrical stimulators use electric impulses, that are generated and delivered via electrodes on the skin or inside the organs, which muscles are being stimulated. The muscles are forced to contract by the help of impulses, which mimic the action potential that comes from the central nervous system. The main idea of electrical stimulators is to build strength in patients with injuries or disorders, to keep muscles active, to heal wounds and alleviating pain as well as to increase the distribution of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the injured area.

Pelvic electrical stimulators permit stimulation of the entire vaginal wall and they are comfortable to use due to the sophisticated shape that match with vaginal tissues. Functional flexibility satisfies the professional requirements combined with user friendly option. Usually, devices have the holding tab, which helps to hold it in place and prevents the risk of expulsion during treatment. Pelvic electrical stimulators are lightweight, nickel-free and intended only for personal use because they cannot be sterilized.

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