Cystometry catheters

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Cystometry catheters are used during the cystometry, which is a diagnostic procedure used to evaluate if the bladder functions correctly. Diagnosis allows seeing whether the volume of liquid emptied from bladder is adequate or has some defects and if the bladder’s capacity to contract and expel urine is convenient. These catheters help to determine the source of urinary and other various problems including urinary tract infections, stroke, spinal cord injury, urethral obstruction, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Cystometry catheters are inserted into an empty bladder through the urethra. During cystometry, one or two catheters can be inserted. One of the catheters transfers liquid while the other carries out the pressure sensor function. Then the saline will be used to fill the bladder in order to measure patient’s awareness of the event. During cystometry, the patient has to note when the presence of liquid is felt, when the bladder feels full, and when the need to void is felt, and then the patient will be asked to void in order to record a flow and pressure.

There are various possibilities to choose cystometry catheters with PVC flap valve, silicone, latex, or PVC balloons in order to make filling phase more efficient by pumping air out via the catheter lumen. Usually these catheters have an integrated extension line to span the distance from the patient to the urodynamics machine. Cystometry catheters are cost effective solution for rectal pressures and are available in both non-sterile and sterile versions.

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