MD300W1 - Other pulse oximeters


DESCRIPTION OF MD300W1 - Other pulse oximeters


Product introduction:

MD300W1 Sleeping Monitor are portable and easy to use, it can be applied to the sleep center or sleep clinic. It also can be used in home environment. In developed countries, people care about and will monitor their sleep condition anytime and anywhere. Our products can be used in hospital, clinic, sleep study center, personal doctor office, insurance company, family and other relative medical agents such as the nurse home and elderly hospital etc.

Accurate Measurement Professional Guarantee

1. LCD screen display SpO2, PR, and Pulse bar;

2. 30-hour data storage;

3. Set up to 10 ID codes, convenient to manage the data;

Innovational Design Exhibit Quality

1. Professional analysis software, providing practical solutions;

2. Small and portable design, only 26g, can be used to evaluate the treatment effect of CPAP, Oxygen Generator etc;

3. Users can choose sport-design MD300W11 based on personal preferences;

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SPECIFICATION OF MD300W1 - Other pulse oximeters

Configuration: with separate sensor, wrist
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