ADVANCE® - Three-compartment knee prostheses


DESCRIPTION OF ADVANCE® - Three-compartment knee prostheses

The ADVANCE® knee is a ball-in-socket knee. The femur of the ADVANCE® MP knee functions as the ball where the insert functions as the socket. This allows ADVANCE® to have a stable, conforming medial side with a lateral side that allows 15 degrees of motion in an arcuate path.

Instability is a leading cause of short-term total knee implant revisions. Medial-Pivot Knee System’s proprietary ball-in-socket mechanism provides stability. Traditional total knee implants do not feature a ball-in-socket mechanism. Without ball-in-socket articulation, traditional knees can be less stable and more likely to slide forward during a patient’s daily activities. This slide forward is commonly referred to as paradoxical motion. Paradoxical motion can even cause a patient’s knee to exhibit noises such as pops, clicks, and clunks. Ball-in-socket knees have also been shown to produce greater range of motion when compared to traditional PS knees and have a femoral rollback profile similar to the natural knee.

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SPECIFICATION OF ADVANCE® - Three-compartment knee prostheses

Type: three-compartment
Surgical application: primary
Tibial bearing: mobile-bearing
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