PROSPACE® Titanium - Lumbar interbody fusion cages

PROSPACE® Titanium

DESCRIPTION OF PROSPACE® Titanium - Lumbar interbody fusion cages

PROSPACE® Titanium

Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion System made of Titanium with Plasmapore® coating

The PROSPACE® implant is a solid titanium block used for stabilization of the lumbar and thoracic spine through a posterior approach, monosegmental or multisegmental. The implant is mantled with the proven Plasmapore® coating to increase the contact area between implant and endplate and to expedite a solid osteointegration. PROSPACE® stands for primary stability, restoration of the natural lumbar lordosis and long-term maintenance of the spinal balance. Combined with reliable and easy to use instrumentation PROSPACE® is the solution for a successful thoracolumbar interbody fusion.


- Experience for many years and continous development since the product launch in 1995

- PROSPACE® Titanium and S4® Spinal System meet the requirements for a 3-column-stabilization

- Wide range of implant sizes presenting the right implant to fit the patient

- Simple and clearly arranged instruments


- Plasmapore® coating for high primary and secondary stability

- Straight implant design for minimal retraction of the dura and nerve roots

- Lordotic implant design to restore the natural lordosis in all levels for the spinal balance

- Uniform load sharing on a large contact area to avoid subsidence of the implant

- Short lengths for not completely reduced spondylolisthesis cases

- Firm connection to the inserter by means of a screw thread


Thoracolumbar spine fusion in case of:

Degenerative instability, spondylolisthesis, post-discectomy syndrome und post-traumatic instabilities.

SPECIFICATION OF PROSPACE® Titanium - Lumbar interbody fusion cages

Spinal section: lumbar
Surgical approach: posterior
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