TRJ® Hip Stem System - Femoral head prostheses

TRJ® Hip Stem System

DESCRIPTION OF TRJ® Hip Stem System - Femoral head prostheses

TRJ® Hip Stem System

Trochanter preserving joint arthroplasty

The TRJ® hip prosthesis stem is implanted without cement. The stem design is based on many years of experience with a conical diaphyseal anchorage in the femur.

The double tapered shape of the uncoated and surface radiated TRJ® hip stem straightens at the proximal lateral end so that the greater trochanter is preserved to the greatest possible extent during implantation.

The newly developed TRJ® rasp concept with a modular disconnected trochanter rasp supports safe muscle and trochanter preserving bone preparation with a very precise diaphyseal stem design.

The eccentric distal TRJ® stem tip simplifies the minimally invasive implantation in the femur and prevents the risk of varus stem positioning. The TRJ® range of stems is available in a range of sizes standard and lateralized and allows universal adjustment to different femur morphologies and correction of pathological joint and leg length anatomies.

Implant Range

The TRJ® hip prosthesis stem can be combined with cementless and cemented acetabular implant systems. The modular cup systems Plasmacup® and Plasmafit® allow both 36 mm ceramic-ceramic large head articulation with Biolox® delta components and ceramic-polyethylene or metal-polyethylene with highly crosslinked Vitelene® polyethylene with vitamin E.

Rasp System

The newly developed TRJ® rasp concept includes a modular disconnected trochanter rasp, so that the main rasp can be cut free in the proximal-lateral section.

The femoral rasp preparation is designed to anchor into the region of the distal bearing bone structures.

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SPECIFICATION OF TRJ® Hip Stem System - Femoral head prostheses

Surgical application: primary
Fixture type: cementless
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