Body & Facial Implants - Testicular implants

Body & Facial Implants

DESCRIPTION OF Body & Facial Implants - Testicular implants

As well as breast implants, we also make implants for calves, implants to reconstruct testicles, plus nasal, malar and chin implants, in a range of profiles, sizes and configurations, all made from implantable medical grade silicone.


Features of Facial Implants

Pre Formed Shapes

Multiple Sizes Available

Feathered Tapered Edges

Multiple Perforations

High Performance Silicone Elastomer

Features of Testicular implants

Filler Options

Size Options

Low Profile Reinforced Suture Loop

High Performance Silicones

360° Barrier Shell Technology

Features of Calf Implants:

Smooth Surface

Fill Options

Gel or Solid Elastomer

SPECIFICATION OF Body & Facial Implants - Testicular implants

Area of the body: testicular
Implant shape: round
Implant materials: silicone
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