bt-GEAR™ bt-analyze™ - Skin diagnosis systems

bt-GEAR™ bt-analyze™

DESCRIPTION OF bt-GEAR™ bt-analyze™ - Skin diagnosis systems

bt-GEAR™ bt-analyze™

The bt-analyze uses the bio impedance technology and an innovative patented of the classy skin membrane sensor. The reason behind the usage of such a modern technology is to measure the moisture content level of the skin. The device can be utilized in the multiple zone of the face by defining the clear requirements of all area. Every reading is saved and displayed on the newly designed intelligent LCD screen. Thus it has become more efficient while it comes for the documentation after the end of every analysis. This device proffers to a swift scientific guidance to the users and also generates the process of making them an active participant in understanding their skin function and necessitate for the precise products and services to attain their goals. The bt-analyze should be used before every service as well as following the service, to detain step up made and to note the modifications required. The product features includes compact at only 3.5 inches in length, weighs less than 5oz, is battery powered, has cordless large skin with a precise membrane sensor.

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SPECIFICATION OF bt-GEAR™ bt-analyze™ - Skin diagnosis systems

Type of diagnosis: cutaneous hydration level
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