BL-PDT02 - Phototherapy lamps and units


DESCRIPTION OF BL-PDT02 - Phototherapy lamps and units


Work theroy:

Photon dynamical instrument is a biological active cold light,and not produce high heat.It applies low-energy and unique optical technology to skin care and treatment ,natural and gentle; has prominent effects,low fatalness and no side effect.It is skin nurse specialist, is fit for all kinds of skin,especially useful for serously irritated skin, acne skin and has notable effect for those in sub healthy state to recover and do skin protection and treatment.

1. Red Light at 640 nm:

Increases collagen production fivefold in the skin, triggering repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblast cells and cell growth.

2. Yellow Light at 590 nm:

Treats redness and is also used for its soothing, draining and detoxifying properties. It also improves the lymph and blood circulatory system.

3. Blue Light at 415nm:

Improves acne prone skin with its purifying and antibacterial properties. It effectively reduces the amount of fluid in the face and treats sensitive skin to provide a clear complexion.

4. Green Light at 525 nm:

Reduces pigmentation through penetration into base skin layers. Prevents the forming of fleck, gravid and aging pigment to keep skin smooth and bright.

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SPECIFICATION OF BL-PDT02 - Phototherapy lamps and units

Applications: aesthetic medicine
Configuration: tabletop
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