Bella L - Phototherapy lamps and units

Bella L

DESCRIPTION OF Bella L - Phototherapy lamps and units

Forever young with photobiostimulation

Bella L is the new photobiostimulation machine, an innovative technology that gives you a youthful skin all over the body.

Bella L is equipped with 40 Collagen Pro Beauty tubes lamps 160 W, emitting selective light at 633nm frequency.

With the bed for photo-biostimulation Bella L, you can achieve all the benefits of the skin photo-rejuvenation all over your body with individual quick session.

Thanks to the essential design with open styling, that avoids unpleasant sensation of claustrophobia, low power consumptions, easily accessible control console, wide anti-glare LCD, Bella L is the best answer to the most various beauty centers demands.

After 35-40 years your skin starts ageing, horny layer of epidermis gets thicker (outer layer of skin), while the epidermis gets thinner and thinner. It happens because the collagen function of support gradually fades.

Collagen is the most important structural protein among our body’s support structures. Collagen is produced by fibroblasts, fundamental cells of connective tissue, which is also located among various skin’s cells making a supporting net for the skin.

The photobiostimulation uses light to activate the collagen synthesis with the consequent anti-ageing effect on skin.

Many scientific studies demonstrate that a selective light at 633nm stimulates a development of cells activity and consequently an increase of collagen production. Perfect result with an natural process. That’s the beginning of the photo-rejuvenation.

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SPECIFICATION OF Bella L - Phototherapy lamps and units

Applications: aesthetic medicine
Configuration: bed type
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