3 Face - Phototherapy lamps and units

3 Face

DESCRIPTION OF 3 Face - Phototherapy lamps and units

3 Face

Why choose it?

This revolutionary General Project device integrates multiple actions achieving different results on several fronts. Thanks to three synthesized technologies in one machine, 3 Face fights various types of imperfection. Depending on utilization and the various functions, it can be used both to eliminate the signs of ageing - wrinkles, imperfections and skin spots - and to treat acne and epidermis diseases.

Features and functioning

With its three different, synergic technologies, 3face can be used to treat any type of facial blemish. The machine can be employed for a complete range of treatments from orbital microdermoabrasion to mechanical micro- pulsations and innovative HBLM phototherapy treatment, ending with a computerised facial micro-massage.

Based on the wave length employed, the HBLM handpiece can be used for rejuvenation and acne treatments as well as to reduce skin blemishes. With its orbital head, the dermo-abrasor can be employed to remove the stratum corneum and various layers of the epidermis. It is also highly effective in treating stretch marks, blemishes and fine lines when used in conjunction with HBLM treatment. Lastly, its computerised massage with an elastomeric membrane stimulates collagen production and favours skin circulation.

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SPECIFICATION OF 3 Face - Phototherapy lamps and units

Applications: aesthetic medicine
Configuration: mobile
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