Crystal&diamond dermabrasion BL-DM01 - Micro-needling units, Dermabrasion units

Crystal&diamond dermabrasion BL-DM01

DESCRIPTION OF Crystal&diamond dermabrasion BL-DM01 - Micro-needling units, Dermabrasion units

Crystal&diamond dermabrasion


Principle and Function:

It is a kind of surface physical dermal peel. This machine can remove a thin layer of dermis by using professional diamond heads with diamond granules of different sizes in the way of friction forward and backward with the help of vacuum.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Instrument is a non-surgical efficient peeling machine used for painless skin exfoliation. Based on physiotherapy, it uses a set of unique stainless steel handpieces with deamond crusted heads of varies sizes of micro-diamonds, with accordance to a suction variator to abrade or rub off the top skin slightly layer by layer, then vacuum out dirt and dead skin, reduce acne and superifical scars from past injury, remove skin debris, imperfections, blemishes wrinkles and unwanted aged pigmentation.


1. Easy to operate and obvious effects.

2. No particles wil be left on the skin nor sprayed all over.The treatment depth is determined by the variator and the size of the heads.

3. We use good quality variator to ensure acurate and stable vacuum force, thus avoid skin damage caused by inaccurate force control.

4. A filter is equiped to capture dirt or dead skin sucked in by the dimond dermabrasion heads.


1. Intensity of vauum : 100Kpa

2.Voltage: 110 V/220V,50Hz/60Hz

3.Packing size: 50 X 54 X 33 cm

SPECIFICATION OF Crystal&diamond dermabrasion BL-DM01 - Micro-needling units, Dermabrasion units

Ergonomics: table
Treatment: micro-dermabrasion
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